About Us

Community Productions, Incorporated (CPI), a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, has been established to identify and assist a cadre of local charities that provide urgent services to individuals and families as identified in Our Mission. These organizations include food banks, shelters, and medical facilities that serve homeless, battered, abused, or abandoned individuals and families.

Our organization is non-religious, non-political, and non-controversial in order to appeal to the largest field of potential contributors. However, we will consider assisting organizations that are faith-based if we feel that they provide urgent services to members of our community without requiring that individual recipients of their services take part in any religious activities.

The core operations of CPI are to be funded by member dues, donations, underwriters, corporate sponsors, and fund raising events for our organization.

We have a 100% volunteer staff and hope to attract additional interns from local colleges and universities. Occasionally, we will hire individuals to work for the events or activities that we produce. Wherever possible, we will hire laborers through organizations such as LaborReady and other employment agencies that provide employment for homeless and other low-income individuals. By doing this, individuals, families, our community, and society as a whole, will reap additional benefits due to our efforts.

We identify a limited number of local charitable organizations to assist that fall within Our Mission. We approach these charities and offer to produce events or activities that will raise funds for their charity. We plan fund raising concerts, shows, festivals, screenings, and other events where 100% of the Net Proceeds that we collect are given directly to those charities. CPI provides the seed money required to cover the up-front costs of the fund raising events and activities that we produce for the local charities we serve. We also solicit sponsors and donors for the events and activities we produce in order to keep the costs of the events and activities as low as possible, thereby increasing the net proceeds that are given to the charitable organizations that we assist. Financial records of each event are meticulously maintained and readily available to any interested party.

We also work directly with the staffs of these charities to help them produce their own successful fund raising events and activities. There may also be events that are produced by other companies and organizations that are willing to give a percentage of the net proceeds to the charities we represent. In the promotional literature for the event or activity there may be a reference to the charitable organization that we are trying to assist that reads something like the following: “A percentage of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Sojourn, a Project of OPCC”.  In these cases, the company or organization that produces the event or activity will donate the agreed-upon percentage of proceeds directly to the identified charity. Or, if we produce the event or activity, 100% of the Net Proceeds that we collect from these companies and organizations will be turned over to the identified charity.

Our ultimate goal is to build a model of local social activism that improves the lives of everyone in our community, and one that can be easily duplicated in other communities across the country and around the world.